Common FAQs about Garmin GPS Map Update That We Should Know!

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garmin support number

Be it any Garmin navigation device you are using, just make sure to save Garmin support number in your smart phones. The Garmin experts here are available 24/7 to assist Garmin users with easy navigation related help. You can also solve technical glitches with your device through them.

Why register a Garmin GPS?

Registering the Garmin GPS has many benefits for the customers. The customers who register their devices get essential emails about the updates and recall information.

They will also get access to a my Garmin account where they can see the maps that are compatible with the device, and also a chance to save 10% off on the next purchase from any Garmin outlet.

The registration process is online, and you can do it easily. If you face any difficulties, you can contact the Garmin Support Number.

How to sync with Garmin Connect express?

You can use the Garmin Connect express to upload your activities as well as wellness data to your Garmin account. After signing up, you can log in to your account to download the content. You can manage the free and paid content in your account.

Firstly, you have to do Garmin account registration

Registration is easy and quick process. You can do it with just an email address. Account registration is mandatory for all Garmin GPS map users. It is vital because registering your device will give access to all free updates whenever Garmin introduces an update for your Garmin GPS device.

How to use Garmin GPS map update?

Well, to know end to end details, and step by step guide to use Garmin GPS devices, talking to experts at Garmin support number is very beneficial.

garmin gps map update

But if your device is registered, you will be notified each time the map updates are available. Not only the map updates, but you will also get notifications about the software updates and chary updates. Here are the update instructions for free Garmin map updates:

  1. Firstly, you have to check if there is an SD card in your GPS device or not. You have to remove the SD card before updating the map.
  2. Now, connect the device to your computer having active Internet, and select Mass Storage Mode.
  3. After that, you have to install the file named ‘launcher.exe’ to the computer and then execute ‘launcher.exe’ directly.
  4. You are required to follow the Garmin Updates instruction and wait until the GPS model name is detected. Once you see your model’s name, press OK.
  5. The Garmin express update maps will update items such as the map update and also the software update. You have to choose Update and then follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
  6. Once your Update is done, you will see a message saying ‘Update Completed.’ Press the Exit button to complete the update process.
  7. Now remove the USB connection from your computer.
  8. You can insert back your SD card in the GPS device after disconnecting it from the computer. 

You are all set to use your updated Garmin GPS device. If you face any hinderance, connect with Garmin experts at Garmin support number.