How To Update Garmin GPS Maps within few minutes?

Garmin is a company that produces various consumer devices, professional marine and aviation devices that make use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for navigational assistance. Devices such as hand-held GPS units, watches, cameras, activity trackers, etc. are what has made Garmin a popular brand in the market. However, since there are a lot of things to choose from, it can get really difficult to make a choice. That’s where we come in. We help you make the right choice. We, Garmin Map Update, are considered a one-stop destination for an end to end assistance regarding all Garmin products. 

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Well, to get started, you need to first enter the name of the product, followed by the model number/serial number of the device. Once done, the list of standard services for Garmin GPS will be shown to you. You can choose desired services, and our Garmin customer support team will help with the solution.

How To Update Garmin GPS Maps within few minutes?

From Garmin GPS Update any other question regarding a Garmin product, we are well-equipped to answer each question correctly. So, if you were looking for a platform to help you with your Garmin device, we are here to assist you.

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Garmin Map Update

Should you wish to know about Garmin map update free download, you can talk to our support team too. We provide all data related to the steps to be followed for free updates. You can also get in touch for solving any sort of technical glitch in your device’s performance.

Here are a few steps you can follow to update Garmin maps on your GPS device.

Step 1:

Connect your Garmin GPS device to your computer using the USB cable that comes with it.

Step 2:

You can use any web browser to visit Garmin’s Find Map Updates page 

Step 3:

Select “Automotive” and click “Download Map Updater.” You can save the file on your desktop. If you don’t see the download button, know that your device is not eligible for free updates.

Step 4:

If you see the option, double-click the downloaded file to install the Garmin Map Updater on your computer. 

Step 5:

Once installed, click “Search for the device.” Once your device is recognized, read the disclaimer and click “Continue.”

Step 6:

The application prompts you with “A free map update is available! Click “Continue”. If you see the prompt “Your maps are up to date,” then no update is required, and if you see “A map update is available for purchase,” then your device is not eligible for a free update.

Step 7:

Click “Continue” when prompted with “Ready to update your maps.” Leave the device plugged in while the update downloads and installs. It can take a while.

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